Portable Poly Glass

General Description

Poly Glass Vessels Features

  • For residential and light commercial water softener/filtration applications
  • Slim diameter with capacities from 2 to 49 gallons
  • Unmatched for strength and chemical resistance

Poly Glass Exchange Tank Features

  • For light commercial water treatment
  • Portable, easy to change-out design eliminates downtime and hassles
  • Noryl exchange head, 4.5" threaded openings and standard disconnects operate with existing systems
  • Noryl manifold is 30% stronger than conventional ABS
  • Requires no steel bands
  • Impact and corrosion resistance due to high performance polyethylene inner liner

Composite Vessel Features

  • For commercial and industrial water treatment and storage
  • 100% composite fiberglass construction
  • Outstanding performance and durability in harsh chemical environments
  • Absolutely will not - and cannot - rust
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Capacities up to 2500 gallons

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